User experience and user interface design for a mobile app


Mama Concierge is an affordable luxury service to help balance your life and provide quality personal services.


Need a way for clients to schedule concierge services while not at home or in front of a computer.


For this project I was the lead UX/UI designer. My role consisted of research and analysis, lo fidelity wireframes, prototyping, and final design.


Research & Analysis

Wireframing & Prototyping


Discover and Define

My main focus was to provide a visual interface that truly represented the company while delivering all of the necessary functions of the business. For my initial research I wanted to discover the main objectives and goals of the user and business. Along with the objectives and goals, I gathered what pain points the customers will come across in order to move forward with solutions.

Based on the information gathered, I was able to create concepts of key elements that were necessary to be included in the app. It was important that these elements answered the pain points along with hitting the metrics of the overall performance.


CUSTOMERS: Busy mothers and families

TARGET AUDIENCE: People with families who need some help and are looking to have a little more free time to spend with one another

PAINT POINT/NEED OF CUSTOMER: To give moms back a few extra hours a day


BUSINESS NAME: Mama Concierge

BUSINESS DESCRIPITON: Mama Concierge is an affordable luxury service to help balance your life. We provide quality personal service.

MISSION STATEMENT: To give busy moms back a few extra hours a day.

Sketching and Wireframes

I started off with some quick simple sketches with pencil and paper. Once I felt comfortable with some ideas I moved forward iwth wireframes using Axure. With the wireframes it was important to display all of the key elements that will translate smoothly into the visual designs.

Visual Design

It was important for me to really design an app that represents the company. I used Photoshop to do all of the visual design and Axure for any prototyping.